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Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar
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Shares Stock Market Forecast Predictions Graphs Services using Astrology by Astro-Stock-Forecast Software by Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar : The Holy Grail, the Ultimate Edge for Traders trading in Nifty, Sensex, Dow index, indices, futures, options, cash, IPO, commodities at NSE, BSE, NYSE or other Stock Exchanges.


Searching for the Winning Edge in Stock Market Trading?
You have reached your destination!

After tremendous success of the popular Astro-Kundali PRO (Lite and Professional versions) Vedic and KP Astrology Software (which is in market for over last 14 years), the author of this software, Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar had been researching hard on Stock Market Forecasting, Financial Astrology for about 6 years.

The author has been actively trading on NSE India, BSE India with Options, Futures, Cash Scrips and actively tracking wall street,  DowJones at NYSE, and commodity trading for about last 7-8 years. He has studied and acquired thorough knowledge of Technical analysis. Share Market, Financial markets fascinate him. He was never ready to believe in Stock-Market "Random Walk" or Chaos theory. He studied Elliott Waves theory and Neural Network algorithms too. However he always felt the short-comings and subjectivity in analysis of these existing methods. Hence he decided to work on share price movement, market timing, investment strategy and become a professional trader. As he was getting better at predicting stock market he aspired to develop the Holy Grail, stock market forecast software. He first started giving nifty tips, sensex tips and share tips in his close friends circle. He had warned about stock market crash (Jan 2008) to his contacts. Getting out of your stock investment at right time and remaining in cash on side lines is also of paramount importance in trading.

The author always had strong conviction of existence of the universal energy rhythm behind the apparently chaotic stock market. With excellent backup of Vedic and KP Astrology knowledge, market research and of course by God's grace, he could get a way to this universal energy algorithm behind the stock market. Using this his proprietary astrological algorithm, he has developed Astro-Stock-Forecast Software. With this stock market trading software he could now give nifty prediction, sensex prediction or company predictions in format of intraday trading graphs and swing trading graphs.

This algorithm is PURELY ASTROLOGICAL and totally depends on the natal chart. Past Historical Quotes of any Index or Scrip ARE NOT USED at all. These Predictive Graphs are generated by this Astro-Stock-Forecast Software and are given as Prediction Services. The author has researched individual SCRIPS / Companies, NIFTY, SENSEX, Dow-Jones, other indices, GOLD and other commodities. He has studied Companies with IPOs, mainly to find out the best time to launch an IPO so that it has better chances of rising very high in it's first few days.

With stock market astrology and these Astro-Stock-Forecast Software Graphs, author is sure that any investor or trader (irrespective whether a long term investor, casual investor, swing trader or a professional day trader) will have the ultimate winning edge in Stock Market Trading. He has developed a stock watch and stock screener. These will help for better Buy Sell signals or Entry and Exit points as a Financial Market Timing Tool.
(Must Read Very Important!)
This Astro-Stock-Forecast Software Graphs Services is an ongoing learning and research experiment using proprietary purely astrological algorithm developed by Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar.
The Predictive Graph/s provided here is/are for informational/study purposes only.
There can be absolutely no guarantee that the Astro-Stock-Forecast Software Predictive Graph works or that it will continue to work in the future.
There is also no guarantee that the Astro-Stock-Forecast Software Predictive Graph services will be always up and running or that it will maintain its operation in the future.
The Astro-Stock-Forecast Software Predictive Graph Services given here may not be suitable for you.
Trading stocks, futures, options or other financial instruments is risky and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
Please consult your financial advisor before subscribing and/or using this information.
Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar is currently not a registered financial advisor.
Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar, his all heirs, Astro-Stock-Forecast.Com, AstroKundali.Com, Astro-Stock-Forecast Software content providers, employees and officers SHALL NOT BE LIABLE for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages, including loss of revenue or income, pain and suffering, emotional distress that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the Astro-Stock-Forecast Software and/or Astro-Stock-Forecast Software Predictive Graph Services.

About The Programmer

Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar
(M.S. Gen. Surgery Mumbai University)

Medical Practitioner : Practising Consulting General Surgeon and Video-Laparoscopic Surgeon by profession, running his own Nursing Home at Thane, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Programmer : Visual Basics, ASP, Web Designing. Programs to his credit: MEDIPRO (Medical Software), Astro-Kundali PRO Lite and Professional (Vedic & KP Astrology Software) and Astro-Stock-Forecast Software (Astrological Stock Market Predictive Graphs Software)

Astrologer : Vedic & KP systems.

Trader : Swing and Intraday Stock Market Trading

Contact Information

Mobile: 9967903440
Postal address:
Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar
Dr. Karekar's Surgical & Maternity Nursing Home,
Singh Nagar, Behind S. T. Workshop, Khopat, 
Thane(W), Maharashtra, India.
Pin: 400 601

E mail:


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Astro-Stock-Forecast Stock Market Prediction Software Graphs Services using Astrology by Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar

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