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Trading Mistakes

In initial years of my trading in index futures, options and stocks, I must say that I made a lot of mistakes and as a result of them suffered financially and mentally. The saddest thing was the fact that I kept on repeating the same mistakes again and again! However a good thing to understand is that this story of mine is quite common with other successful traders in their initial days.

Following is a list of the mistakes that one should see frequently and remind oneself not to commit them any time. One should hammer it into sub-conscious mind!

Many times we hear people saying that they play stock market. Precisely there lies the mistake! You should look at trading as a Serious Business and not Play.

The following list is not in any specific order of importance. In-fact in trading any small mistake too can prove financially detrimental.

  1. Failure to have any concrete trading plan ready before the trade is executed

  2. Changing the trade's time frame after the trade's direction is not going as anticipated.
    i.e. Converting a Day Trade into Swing Trade. When that Swing Trade also is failure then becoming an investor!

  3. Exiting positions early and taking small profits too early. But when it comes to taking a loss then exiting a loosing position too late and incurring a large loss.

  4. Not understanding that every loss to begin with is a small one!

  5. Having profits expectations that are too high, too soon. This occurs many times unknowingly with OTM Option Buy Trades.

  6. Having too little initial trading capital.

  7. Poor Money Management. Easiest way is to follow 1 or 2 % Rule.

  8. Failure to have Protective Stops. Protective Stops should be both Stop Losses in initiating a trade as well Profit Preserving Stops when the trade is well in profit.

  9. Trading against the main trend. Becoming more focused on short term market chaos rather than understanding the real overall market outlook.

  10. Over-trading.

  11. Lack of patience, clear trading plan and discipline.

  12. Letting small losses turn into large losses.

  13. Refusing to take a loss at all.

  14. Over betting.

  15. Averaging down.

  16. Bottom fishing/Catching falling knives.

  17. Thinking this market stuff is easy.

  18. Trading in a revenge mode.

  19. Trading when Mood is Low.

  20. Poor Record Keeping.

  21. Not Taking out Profit from Trading Account.

  22. Not having fast internet access, computer equipments.

  23. Not having Emergency Backup measures in the case of Power Failure.

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Astro-Stock-Forecast Stock Market Prediction Software Graphs Services using Astrology by Dr. Rajiv C. Karekar